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  • Join the #footballrevolution. Become a Revolutionary and get access to the members area, where you can chat to other Revolutionaries, vote on club matters, access freebies and view premium OFC TV videos.

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Here's what Revolutionaries get to do

We are giving you the opportunity to take the reins of the club. Becoming a member for just £25 gets you an equal say in the following and more:

Help us choose a team name

As we aim for promotion to League 2, we will formally submit an application to rename the team. Revolutionaries will have the ability to submit name ideas, and then vote on which team name we apply for.

Vote to select the strip

Revolutionaries will have the chance to vote on a range of strip designs for the 2018/2019 season, as well as each season thereafter as we aim to progress up the leagues and toward the Premiership & beyond by 2025.

Help us Design the Club Badge

Revolutionaries will also have the chance to vote on a range of club badge designs for the 2018/2019 season after the new team name is chosen. The colours, style and details will all be put to the vote.

Exclusive content (coming soon)

You’ll get exclusive access to Premium OFC TV content, where we’ll publish high-quality video of matches, player & staff interviews and other access-all-areas content. You'll also receive freebies for you to download, like wallpapers for your phone.

A free season ticket (local members only)

We'll be awarding 500 free season tickets to our local Revolutionaries for the 2018/19 season so they can attend games and view the revolution in real life

Help us scout & recruit

Fans today are more knowledgeable about domestic and international player prospects than ever before. As fan investment comes in and we seek to recruit, you will have the opportunity to suggest players directly to our staff.

Decide on the strategy

Help us determine our goals and set policies for the club as we grow from strength to strength.

Choose a board of directors

Not only will members have the ability to vote for the board of directors, they will also be able to submit themselves for a role on the board or behind-the-scenes. We want to ensure our members have a level of access to their club that is unrivalled elsewhere in the sport.

Help us allocate our budgets

Members will also have a say over the way their money is spent by the club. Think we need to focus on developing our current crop? Think we need to recuit new playing staff? Think we need a specific backroom staff member? Have your say.

Support Grassroots Development

When we hit 10,000 members, we'll ring-fence £50,000 exclusively for grassroots youth player development

Have your photo printed directly onto our kit

We'll give members the opportunity to upload their profile picture and be printed directly on the kit for the entire world to see

& much more

The above is just the beginning in our search to offer the best supporter experience in the game. We are always looking for more ways to give you control and contribute to the success of the club.