Dutch of class for Michel

Dutch of class

His love of the lower leagues in Britain was the driving force behind Dutchman Michel Antens joining OurFootballClub.com.

Despite being based in the south of the Netherlands close to the Belgium border, Michel travels regularly to the UK to take in matches away from the bright city lights.

He’s hoping that his involvement in Chris Ewing’s ground-breaking project may lead to some more exciting adventures across the North Sea.

After reading about it on the internet, I was very interested in the project,” he said.

“I am a great admirer of English and Scottish football and each year a group of us visit Britain and watch some matches.

“We especially love the lower leagues and everything about them and I saw this as an opportunity to join in.”

The new club will be run by people around the globe, with members from over 30 countries having signed up.

Michel appreciated the community aspect to the project and said: “I like the authentic feeling about the games in these leagues. It is the people who make them.

“It doesn’t matter about the result, or whether there are big players in the teams or not. The clubs are their lives and their commitment is what appeals the most.

“We are not fans of a team in our country but are hooked on the football on the other side of the canal!

“I saw this project as a chance to be a part of this experience and that is the most important reason I joined.

“What I also love about it is the fact it is a whole different way of running a club. Decisions are going to be made by the shareholders and that is an interesting concept.

The owner wants to get into the Scottish Premiership very quickly so some important decisions are going to have to be made along the way! I am looking forward to it.”

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