“No problem” for Houston man making soccer history!

A Houston man has made history by becoming the first US resident to join a new Scottish soccer club run by fans throughout the world.

Supporters across the globe are being given the chance to control their very own club thanks to a pioneering project launched by Scottish Lowland League club Edusport Academy.

Former professional Chris Ewing currently owns Scotland’s youngest senior soccer club but is changing the structure to establish a new club separate from the academy.

For an annual membership of just £25, ‘Revolutionaries’ will gain unprecedented access to a senior club which has ambitions to reach the top league in Scottish soccer by 2025.

The ground-breaking auront initiative will allow supporters, irrespective of where they live, to have a say in numerous key aspects of the club including: choosing the team name; recommending signings; voting on the strip; electing board members for season 2018/19.

The global attraction of the initiative has been underlined by members from 25 countries around the world signing just a month after launch.

Iain Miller was quick to add his name to those wanting to participate in the ground-breaking scheme, the 58-year-old becoming the first person from the United States to do so.

Originally from Banff in northern Scotland, Iain has been in Houston for 20 years and now lives in the Energy Corridor. He said: “It’s always good to see new enterprises start up in general. I always like to see small business start off and to have a football club start off in such a way was very interesting.

“Going from the educational side of things to a football club in its own right is exciting to see. As Scots we always like to see the wee guys win and that was really the reason behind me joining.

“For all it was going to cost, I thought it was well worth it. And I like the ambition to be in the Scottish Premiership by 2025. It is good to aim high like that.”

The engineering project manager can’t wait to begin contributing to the new set-up from his home in Houston, adding: “The appeal of this has to be that people who are interested in participating can be anywhere in the world and still be part of this.

“I think it’s great to have involvement to the extent of having a say in the team name and badge and things like that.

“Soccer is so traditional in so many ways but this is a great new concept.

“It would be great if quite a few thousand people signed up and we could have a team of the masses.”

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