Giving fans a voice is important - Thailand

The promise that his voice will be heard by those in charge thousands of miles away was the main reason Anuth Duangmarn decided to join auront.

An avid football fan, Anuth has kept tabs on the game at all levels from his home in Bangkok, Thailand.

Down the years, he says he has seen many clubs ignore the wishes of their supporters but feels the ground- breaking model introduced by owner Chris Ewing is something different.

Chris has launched a bold project which will see his club run by supporters, with the ultimate aim of making it to the Scottish Premiership by 2025.

Anuth, 32, loves the ambition. “This is a different model and fans can really get involved in what direction the club goes,” he said.

“We can decide the name, strip and other important things but if you look at football clubs around the world not
many of them listen to their fans.

“The latest obvious example would be Leeds United’s new logo. The club claimed that they have researched for six months and consulted 10,000 people for that logo. What they should have done is consult with the logo designer to get at least four or five logos for fans to vote.

“The first time I heard about the project was from MozzaPlays on Twitter when he had some kind of challenge with the Football Manager game.

“The reason that I support this project is that I like people who have ideas, people who want to do something different. I think they deserve the opportunity to try that.”

Anuth spent 18 months in Newcastle doing post-graduate studies and added: “I love watching football regardless of the standard. I can go to watch my local lower league near my house when I have nothing to do.

“When I was in Newcastle, sometimes I took a train to Gateshead to watch conference football.

“I’m excited about being a member of this club. I honestly don’t expect us to be a mega club, at least not anytime soon due to how much money involved in today’s game.

“But it’s exciting to be part of it at this stage and hopefully we can grow to become an important club.”